User Rating: 7.5 | Pocket Monsters Black 2 DS
This game is underrated. The visuals are more a less the same, but that's to be expected of same generation entry. The story is weak, the game was easy for me(but i know not for everyone), and the champion battle was a huge disappointment, i thought i was fighting barbie at the end of the game. However the changes made to the game are very good, despite what the review says, the new layout is better, you can now list all registerable items onto 1 tab, which is extremely helpful. There is also rotation battles now (black and white had this as well), and many bugs have been fixed in online fighting, for instance, if your winning a match online, and you opponent turns off their DS to make you not gain anything, you still get a win now.

In conclusion, the game is fun, it has its ups and downs, and without a doubt is definitely the stalest pokemon game to date. However, it still doesn't deserve a 6.5, the new mechanics are enough to keep it away from that low score. And of course if you like pokemon, you'll like this as well, but if you're new,do yourself a favor and get black or white first.