I'm a huge Pokemon fan but Gen 5 really did it's worst

User Rating: 4.5 | Pocket Monsters Black 2 DS
I've been a Pokemon fan from day 1. I collect all the games and loved them until Gen 4. Gen 5 was horrible on multiple levels.

Gameplay: The gameplay of Pokemon B/W 2 is similar to the previous pokemon games. You start in a town, need to collect badges, train pokemon etc. You wouldn't want to change that nostalgic gameplay anytime. All though Gen 5 displayed new battle modes and other included changes like the music competition. The one thing I liked a lot was the Battle with the previous gym leaders. Trading mode was great too as you wont need to choose only 6 pokemon to trade from. Another thing I liked

Graphics: I simply hate these new graphics. It's like trying to get it to be 3D and failing miserably. The details are overdone such as low budget DS games. Gen 4 graphics were cartoonist and that was great for Pokemon. Not to mention the colors used were very greying and gloomy. The Gen 5 pokemon are already ugly and now with this graphic even worst.

Plot: Seriously the worst Pokemon story ever. It did not even seem I was playing a pokemon game. The story was good for a none-pokemon game. It also got very confusing what was going on as there were multiple characters to keep up with. I really hated the story, they should avoid rushing releasing new Pokemon games every year and really work on it before doing so.

Music: Don't get me started, worst Pokemon music ever, except the New Team Plasma music and that's only the beginning part. The only good thing they did was the modification of music for every Gym to make it customise to the type. Best music was from Gen 3 and then 2.

This game is worth buying if you are a huge Pokemon fan. But don't expect to like it as much. Can't believe they are already releasing Gen 6 this soon.