One of the best or the best Pokemon game to date!

User Rating: 9.5 | Pocket Monsters Black 2 DS
When it was first announced that Pokemon Black and White would receive sequels, the whole Pokeworld went crazy, even more so when the Unova Dex would have 301 Pokemon! Including older region Pokemon. I do have a sad feeling this is the last Pokemon game either for the DS or for some time, as this is a pretty big game and if it is the last game Gamefreak have made sure we're gonna have a real blastNintendo or Game Freak have got it spot on, the story once again is pretty deep, Team Plasma ( Many fans think Plasma is Nintendo's version of PETA) is back and this time there are two factions, a good side and a evil side.Although the story line is pretty good, I don't think it's as dark as Diamond where Team Galactic drained lakes to leave Pokemon to DIE, although it did make me think in the first one if we're right to catch Pokemon and fight them, this time they right and right evil.When you start for the first time in all Pokemon you start in a city with a Gym and a Pokemon center. Cheren and Bianca have both got jobs, Cheren is a Gym leader while Bianca is a assistant for the Professor...The whole route to each leader is the same as every other Gen, Pokemon is getting boring although we have some of the older Pokemon and that includes legends, I just felt bored, I still rage that I need to buy both games to fill my Pokedex, some Pokemon I can get from Diamond but it's too much bother finding my game, and the fact it's the same.You wake up in a new town/city, then you get Pokemon, you tell your mom your going round the region/country ( Bet the mum is a nutter letting a 10 year old running about) , a new gang comes up who are bad, and a new legendarya few years hopefully we'll have a new Gen, this time I hope it changes the whole concept, not much, but still a slight change...The whole game was nice send off for the Pokemon series and the DS