Tips for Drayden, 7th Gym Battle

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Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how defeating Drayden. I have a pretty balanced team, but I'm really having trouble against dragons. I currently lack ice and dragon moves, which would definitely have made these fight easier.

Listed below is my team. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :D

  1. Samurott (Level 43)
  2. Crobat (Level 39)
  3. Darmanitan (Level 43)
  4. Ampharos (Level 41)
  5. Krookodile (Level 43)
  6. Gothitelle (Level 41)
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-Grind your team up some more to roughly 42-43(or more) to kep up with the game or you'll find yourself even further behind later on. Especially with a team of 6, keeping up requires some management(use the Lucky Egg, Professor Juniper gives you at Celestial Tower to help). -Fly to Driftveil and if use some red shards* to teach one of your Pokemon(if possible), Ice Punch. -Think strategically. For example, use status to hamper his team either by slowing him down with paralysis and hitting hard and fast or using burn to weaken his attacks and set up with a bulky Pokemon and attempt a sweep/do as much damage as you can. *Talk to a Lady NPC in Chargestone Cave to unlock a Entralink mission that rewards you with shards as a reward if you haven't got enough. TL;DR If you've gone for an all-out attacking team so far all game, all you really can do is grind and teach a Pokemon Ice punch in Driftveil and grind more.
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My team to fight drayden is: Sandslash level 39 Boldore level 36 magneton level 41 Servine level 32 Grumpig level 20 Unfezant level 39. Are tense pokemon okay or improve
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i am going against him samarott level 47 boldore level 47 beartic level 46 klingklang level 47 ferrothorn level 46 and haxorus level 52 this i think is the ultimate team this part of the game and its ironic how boldore is stronger than samarott
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i would trade grumpig and servine for fraxure and beartic because servine is useless and grumpig wont be able to take out the dark and dragon types.