stuck on burgh gym leader

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stuck on burgh, got a water pokemon which isnt effective lv 24, been using tackle and fury cutter also got dark pokemon lv 22, fake out, fury swipes, cut and pursuit.. do i need to lv up more? any other tips regarding moves i should use? cant go any further on route 4 yet, battled a few trainers there

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OK, this seems like a troll. If not, you really need to take a step back and look at this logically. Burgh's strongest pokemon is a leavanny. Leavanny is Bug/Grass. It has razor leaf. It is lvl 25. Of course it will wipe out a water type. And a dark type. Are you joking? Dark is WEAK to bug. Which means that it would have been decimated. YOu have limited access to route 4, which means that you can find a darumaka, which will tear Burgh's team apart limb from limb, and then set the lot on fire. But seriously, you could have picked almost any other type in the game (other than dragon) by now, and you pick two of the types that Burgh laughs at. I mean, these are bug pokemon! They can barely fight! How one loses to Burgh is beyond me. The only time a bug should ever beat you is if it is Volcarona, Scizor, or Heracross. If you can't take Burgh, I'd love to see you fight Clay, Skyla and Drayden
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nope i am not a troll.. yeah i have the most terrible pokemon for this.. i caught a pokemon with psychic moves on route 4, any good? tried to catch a darumaka but my pokemon wiped it :( razor leaf is the thing that is a killer