Looking for friend codes for anyone playin Pokemon Black 2 or Pokemon White 2

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#1 Posted by HazmatFTG (25 posts) -
Looking for friend codes for trades, battles or whatever my friend code is 4084 4308 1293 post your friend code on here and I will register you
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#2 Posted by urboyneyo (25 posts) -
Friend code 1550 4048 5339 add me to battle and trade
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#3 Posted by Emti13 (25 posts) -
my name is stanley and my fc is 1335 6822 4513 after you registered please reply
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#5 Posted by Silvan_Cool (69 posts) -

If anyone wanna trade any pokemon ( ANY POKEMON AT ALL ) for a shiny hydradog or so ADD ME


0777-3053-2889 add me now and get an awesome surprise pokemon









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#6 Posted by urboyneyo (25 posts) -
My Friend Code: 0347 8409 4241 Add me and inbox me to battle and trade, but mainly battle and... Watch my Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Randomizer, First Episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dq8neD8OC5c Great quality, great commentary, and fun to watch and... If you like them subscribe for more: http://www.youtube.com/user/UrBoyNeYo?feature=mhee
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#7 Posted by Silvan_Cool (69 posts) -

Add me the new message when dun

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My name is daisy fc is 2194 6752 2166
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#9 Posted by Magicshottguy05 (25 posts) -

My name is tom here is my FC  2710-0865-2853.  Ive added everyone here.

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#10 Posted by NitroNoddy (25 posts) -
My names is Glenn ( Nitro UK) and ive added everyone on here .... heres my code : Pokemon Black 2: 1636-3641-6108 3DS : 4914-3199-9244
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#11 Posted by killless (25 posts) -

Hi, My name is Rob.

My ID is 4685 7909 9809

Please add me. Thanks!

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#12 Posted by bridgez77 (25 posts) -
hi this is bridges and this is my fc 0906-2480-1110
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#13 Posted by bacfire123 (25 posts) -
hello pal ive just added you on pokemon black my friend code is: 2838-0003-2853
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#14 Posted by PokeWheezy (25 posts) -

I'm looking for people to trade with- I need mainly non Unova starters and legendaries and a few Pokemon inbetween. Willing to help out anyone who's willing to help me in return.

My Friend Code is: 3225-5906-2821

Name: Louise.

Let me know if you add me so I can add you back. Thanks!

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#15 Posted by zakery_binks (25 posts) -
hey i just added you plz add me back im zak my FC is 1765-3300-5787
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#16 Posted by celandy92 (25 posts) -
Looking for friends to play with and help me trade and stuff. Zues FC: 5373 0994 6036
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#17 Posted by Paullond (25 posts) -
Hi guys I'm new to Pokemon and I'm just looking for some competitive games against some good players!! So here's my friend code 2709 9949 8891 Feel free to add me anytime!!
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#20 Posted by sousnake (25 posts) -
hi friends i am looking for battle my name is Snake and mmy fc is 3139 8033 7454 i have added u all
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#21 Posted by ali_vzqz (1606 posts) -

Hi im looking for rare berries and having fun visiting peoples dream world homes.

Name: Ali

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#22 Posted by boss1112111 (25 posts) -
my friend code is 438536769450
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#23 Posted by CrushUrPride (25 posts) -
Hello everyone I have created an actual website dedicated to nothing but getting friends together on the Nintendo DS Systems!!! If you want to get your FriendCode to alot of other users that are actually going to add you back you should go check it out the site is https://www.facebook.com/pokemon.friend.gathering .....I have had alot of problems getting on any forum and getting someone to actually add me back or even message me for that matter so if you are having the same problem give it a try and I promise you will get a direct and immediate response!!!!!!!!!!! Happy catching to everyone and hope to see u in the game soon !!!!(dont forget when you get there to like us on facebook)
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#24 Posted by orelvis1991 (25 posts) -
Elvis friend code is 172249230406
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#25 Posted by destry43 (25 posts) -
my pokemon friends code is 1464-8000-2019 my name is destry on it
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#26 Posted by DerpMania (25 posts) -
FC is 5158-3762-4616 PM me if you added me, and also pm me your friend code
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#27 Edited by da_guy (25 posts) -

@PokeWheezy: hi my name is yaotl and i added my fc is 4084 9308 6539 thnx

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#28 Posted by ModJesse (25 posts) -

NAme is Tim= 0906-7139-7721

Im going to be adding everyone on this forum :) please add me =D