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Hey guys, im planning buying a 3DS XL along with Pokemon, i stoped played pokemon till Diamond/Pearl some years ago, what i want to know is whats the difference between white/black and white 2/black2 (main difference) and second... can i pass all my pokemons from diamond in to these new version?

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You can trade pokemon into these games from diamond, pearl, platinum, heartgold, soulsilver, black, white, and whatever other games you may have. However, you can only trade back to black, white, black 2, or white 2. So once you trade over a pokemon from, say, diamond, you can never send it back.

The main difference between black/white and black/white2 is that black/white2, the story takes place two years later. In the story of black/white2, for instance, team plasma was defeated long agho and only remnants remain. Cheren is no longer a rival, but a gym leader. Bianca is a pokemon professor. N has reformed and become good. Also, there are some areas in the region which are now unaccessible and other new areas opened up.

Hope I was helpful! If you decide to get B/W2, I wish you best of luck and hope you have a good time :)