Anyone have any spare Gen 1 Pokemon?

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I just recently got back into pokemon games and bought black 2 and a 3ds, but I no longer have my older saves to migrate my older pokemon. gen 1 was my favorite of all time and I really want to raise a charmander into a charizard. I really don't have much to trade as I just started playing again, but I was just curious if anyone had some to spare or a ditto to make some. I really want charmander, squirrtle, bulbasore, and a magicarp, but in the end I'm going to want all the gen 1, so ill take any. Probably misspelled all of those) anyway, thanks everyone!

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I might be able to help you out with some gen 1 pokemon if you want I can give you eggs of all the kanto starters and a few other pokemon just catch a few pokemon to trade over.