1st Impressions: God of War is without a doubt one of the best action adventure games ever to grace any console

User Rating: 9.7 | God of War (Greatest Hits) PS2
God of War is a third-person action game set in Greek Mythology. You play as Kratos, a Spartan warrior (no, not like Master Chief), who must serve the gods of Olympus. When he is given the task of killing Aries, the god of war, he needs all the help, and stylish moves he can get to kill him and his flunkies. One thing that imediately comes to mind with this game is that it is a definite no-no for kids. There is plenty of graphic violence, blood and gore and sexual content / full frontal nudity that easily make this a game for mature audiences. Besides that, this is an awesome game. The action is intence, delivering punishing and brutial kills as well as being able to play mini-games to kill some of the harder monsters. Kratos' Blades of Chaos are amazing weapons to use, as well as some of the most unique in an action game. The graphics, sound effects and cutscenes not only add to the game's storyline, but also make it much more interesting and more fun to play. Getting combos with the Blades of Chaos may be fairly easy to do, but most of the game's puzzles are not exactly easy. If you are a bloodthirsty action gamer looking for something to keep you busy for quite a while, God of War is an excellent choice.

Gameplay: It's hack and slash for the most part, but several challenging puzzles and mini games keep the gameplay from getting stale.

Graphics: Clearly some of the best that the PS2 has to offer, which is pretty darn good.

Sound: The voice overs and sound effects are superb, and the music goes great with the gameplay and setting.

Value: This is now a Greatest Hits title, so you can find it at most stores for $20 or less.

Final Thoughts: This is a must-buy action game for the PS2, if you can handle the extreme content...