Ok this game is great in some areas but awful in others but the good defiantly out weighs the bad

User Rating: 7.5 | Pokemon Battle Revolution WII
this game can either suck hard or be amazing * how i review

series(if its a sequel)

Ok first this game has the most flawless graphics ever you ask for a flamethrower not legging ever I've done so much that all i can say is flawless
plot ...there is no plot. game play amazing rpg_lover_freak is my name hello anyway i love rpgs but this game is only for the fans of Pokemon and if you have these requirements

1 you like rpgs (duhh)
2 you have the pearl/diamond games
3 you are not looking for a great plot but instead looking for a great graphic game
4 if you have good Pokemon

more importantly this game is easy yet hard have you ever tryed the long lasting 100 battle course( thats the castle for your info) it is insainly hard i have like probably the most powerful party ever (and some luck too) and i only got to 60 something.moving on the game its self is pretty average for a non-portable system game you go and upload Pokemon you beat more of the game and you end up having fun this game is also the best idea ever to have your DS as a controller while playing tis makes the game better in two ways 1you battle hard people 2 its not a com and they use stupid moves like having a Pokemon use protect then explosion. while with a real person its different they switch more they use actual moves on you. in other words its human.

genre score 8.5/10.0 (Pokemon stadium 2 is the best 10.0/10.0)

series wise its pretty much the same as the very first game(Pokemon stadium) but defiantly the best ideas (the Pokemon battle with your DS thing) only thing i don't like is there is no earl academy that was so huge and useful if you didn't have it in the second series well basically your screwed. only thing different that they could;when i say that i mean if they can cram it in with earls academy is the mini games. fun ok but not incredibly entertaining.

series score: 7.5/10.0

as for the overall this is my conclusion:

graphics 10.0/10.0
game play 9.0/10.0
tilt 7.5/10.0
value 9.0/10.0
sound 8.0/10.0(not great but ok )

this has been made possible by: rpg_lover_freak