Omega Ruby One Of The Best Games In My Collection

User Rating: 10 | Pokemon Omega Ruby 3DS

Now, I admit, I love love love to play games, Probably my favorite console so far is the 3DS. However, I have to say that the Pokemon story path has gripped me on end. The first two Pokemon cards I ever got, I started racking up a Pokemon collection. I ended up playing the actual games of Pokemon for 3DS. One day, I saw Omega Ruby and longed to have it, Since then and now, I'm still playing it.

The moment I played the Pokemon franchise, I fell in LOVE with the Pokemon games. X and Y were my first Pokemon games, Of course, I thought Y looked EPIC So I choose Y. I'm awaiting the date for Sun and Moon to come out but anyways, Lets get back to it.

When I did try Omega Ruby I had to restart the game the FIRST time. The second time i got through. When I completed the League and watched the credits, I has imaged this was one of the best games I've ever played, Indeed. Thought I was done with the game, However, I moved on to the Delta Episode.

There is a LOT of content in this game, Making it more fun than just completing the Pokedex after.The delta episode is a loved by all free after story that takes the player on an adventure with a mysterious girl named Zinnia, Who believes in Rayquazza, Who saved Hoenn a long time ago. However, She is a dracnoid, A victim of family who uses and believes in dragon type Pokemon. The entire region of Hoenn needs the player's help to save them from a meteor coming toward earth/Hoenn.

The Delta Episode is the best chunk of the entire game, So cool and so juicy, You can even catch extra legendries. Its always fun to catch some.

Speaking of legendries, This game is JAM-PACKED with them! Ho-oh, Suicune, Cobilion, Reshriam. They have secret ways to catch them, but could help, Since it gives info on ORAS (Omega ruby and alpha sapphire) and other Pokemon games

This game is LOVED BY ALL and i hope you buy it. I think its the best game in my collection, and it will take the player by suprise, So i give this 5 out of 5 stars!!!