This remake respects the original and expands on it to make it feel brand new!

User Rating: 8 | Pokemon Alpha Sapphire 3DS

Another year means another installment of pokemon, and for 2014 they gave us something we all were looking very forward to: a remake of ruby and sapphire. With this being such a classic game that many fans loved, a lot of people were worried about if it would still be just as good as the original. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s even better.

Story: 8/10

This game revolves around the region of Hoenn and the myth of how the land was created: one pokemon ,Groudon created the land while another, Kyogre created the sea and they would constantly fight until a pokemon from the heavens, Rayquaza, came down and stopped the fighting so all humans and pokemon could live in peace. The game does dive in to other story aspects too, especially with the post-game delta episode, but overall this is the main story behind the game. Pokemon may not be known for having a great story behind it but this one certainly will not be forgotten any time soon.

Score: 8.5/10

The classic music of the original ruby and sapphire games are back, this time a bit remixed but nothing too different so fans of the old music will enjoy both the old and new.

Characters/Character Development: 7/10

The classic cast of memorable characters return (including the pokemon) with some new fresh faces thrown in as well. Zinnia is the most memorable of all the characters as she has the most interesting and unique backstory.

Graphics: 8.5/10

Given the fact that this game is on the 3ds, it’s always going to look a little rough around the edges as far as the graphics go, but that being said this game looks very beautiful especially during the cutscenes. Doing things like flying through the sky over Hoenn just have a certain beauty to them that makes exploration even more exciting.

Gameplay: 9/10

So it’s a pokemon game and that mean lots of exploration and searching for pokemon which is always going to be a fun time no matter how many games they make. As far as the gameplay goes it is pretty much standard of any other pokemon game, but if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Difficulty: 2/10 with exp share on, 4/10 with exp share off (0 being the easiest, 10 being the hardest)

Pokemon has always been very easy and with the addition of making the exp. share gain points for every pokemon in the party, the game becomes a complete cakewalk. I would highly recommend not using the exp. share until you’ve completed the game. When I wasn’t using the exp. share I did find the game to be more difficult, but nothing that really challenged me too badly. Pokemon could definitely use a hard mode.

Fun: 9/10

This pokemon reboot is the classic game with so much more. Searching for pokemon is fun and exciting and choosing what pokemon to keep in your party is sometimes half the challenge itself. You’ll definitely enjoy this game and enjoy the pokemon you choose to use as your companions.

Recommended for-

  • · 3ds owners
  • · Fans of Pokemon
  • · Anyone who likes exploration and collection games.