This neat little free app from the 3DS eShop is a must have for the Pokemaniacs out there.

User Rating: 7 | Pokemon Rittai Zukan BW 3DS
When Nintendo launched the eShop back in June, they gave away two games for free. One of them was temporary, while the other would be free to all eShop users. Pokedex 3D was the game, and was a Pokedex for viewing your favorite Pokemon in 3D, obviously. But what can you expect to find in this downloadable title?

Pokedex 3D is more of an application than a game. The game features an interactive Pokedex for the 153 Pokemon that can be found within the latest installment in the series, Pokemon Black and White, as well as alternate versions of Pokemon (like both forms of Basculin, for example). You are given 16 Pokemon at the start, which include all the starter Pokemon and a few others. Each day you are given 3 new Pokemon via the 3DS's SpotPass. You can also receive/give friends Pokemon over local wireless. This is necessary to obtain some Pokemon you cannot get, as each copy of Pokedex 3D has exclusives. You can increase the likelihood of a Pokemon showing by SpotPass by registering it's AR marker, which will be explained in-depth later in the review.

Once a Pokemon is registered, you will be able to view them in 3D and look at their stats and other things about them. The Pokemon have 3D models, and look really nice in 3D. Each one has a special animation they make, and with 3D, it looks pretty cool. Sadly, similar to the console games with the 3D Pokemon models, they lack much detail and some look hollow/lifeless.

The Pokedex feature is really fleshed out and incredibly useful for what you need to know about Pokemon you want to train, or for Pokemon you already own. Like the standard Pokedex within the games, you can view the weight and height and their in-game cries as well their Pokedex entries from both White and Black. Unlike those 'dexes though, you can look at all moves they learn through level up and TMs/HMs, their stats, and their egg group(s). This makes this amazingly helpful for those who competitively battle. By clicking on a move/egg group, you can also see Pokemon who have that move/are in that egg group. There is also a search feature to use in a similar way as the search feature in normal Pokedexes.

Probably the most unique features of Pokedex 3D is the Augmented Reality features. Using the AR Markers each Pokemon has, you can view them through the 3DS's camera. However, because the AR Markers are digital and not physical, you'll have to get your own by either drawing a copy from the game (which is rather difficult) or printing a copy on the computer or something. But once you do, you'll be able to take AR picks of the Pokemon. Once you have enough stickers (which you get from copying AR Markers and from taking pics of that Pokemon, so 2 for each Pokemon), you can even use AR cards you have, as well as other extra features. This is a neat feature and alone makes this game worth getting.

However, there is one large problem the game has. Aside from the Pokedex and AR, there isn't anything else to do. This is why I would call it an app, and not a real game. It would be nice to have some extra features to make this feel complete. Fortunately, the game is free, so you won't feel cheated or anything.

*Pokemon in 3D is cool
*Pokedex is fleshed-out
*Augmented Reality is nice

*Pokemon models look hollow
*Little to do

Score Breakdown:
*Presentation: Good
*3D Effect: Nice
*Gameplay: N/A... 8, I guess?
*Replay: Again, N/A... 8 also, I guess.
*Graphics: 6
*Sound: 7
*Story: N/A

Final Score: 7/10

Any Pokemon fan should go and get this game off the eShop right away. This app is a great (and free) addition to the Pokemon series, and nice to have if you like training Pokemon and are a competitive player.