The best version of the B/W Pokedex there is. For free.

User Rating: 7 | Pokemon Rittai Zukan BW 3DS
This little app combines two of my favourite things: Pokemon and Free. There isn't much to it, and this probably doesn't even qualify as a full 'game' at all, but the pure ingenuity of it all and the cute factor alone are enough to warrant at least the free download, just to try it out.

Story: N/A
There's none to speak of. It turns your 3DS into a Pokedex!

It's not really 'gameplay'. But it's the best implementation of the Augmented Reality capabilities of the 3DS to date. You start off with only 16 of the 150+ Pokemon you can collect in Pokemon Black and White (discounting past generations). You collect more via SpotPass or via the very clever Augmented Reality (AR) Viewer (up to 3 per day). Collecting via SpotPass isn't the fun part. The AR Viewer method is. Each Pokemon has a specific AR symbol tagged to it, and by switching to AR Viewer mode, the 3DS uses its camera to seek out these symbols (on websites, other 3DSes) and generates a little Pokemon figurine which you can then add to your collection (and take pictures of). Simple and fun.

Graphical Presentation: 7.5/10
It's simplistic design does its job (It's a Pokedex, as I've said before. That's it.) The models of the Pokemon and very well done, sharp and smooth. They're cute where they're supposed to be cute, and cool where they're supposed to be cool. Not to mention that pressing a button will let them do a little jig when they're on screen. Cute as hell. Watching Oshawott do a little leap around the screen, waving it's little shell around made me go DAAWWWWWWWWW. Plus you discover things about some Pokemon that you never knew you never knew (I didn't know Samurott's leg armour shell-things were swords! That's bloody awesome!). Not to mention, the 3D effect is well done here, with no frame-drop at all when turned up to maximum. In fact, the 3D makes the Pokemon models sharper and smoother.

Sound: 6.0/10
Not much. The only sounds are the sounds of the Pokemon... and they're just that. Nothing special here. Move along.

Overall, a cute, free, fun app for any 3DS. On the surface, it's nothing much but I give it a high score simply because I see it as a show-off tech demo of what Nintendo plans to do with the 3DS. Making full use of the AR technology, and combining it with some of the sharpest graphics I've seen on the 3DS, I am confident that whatever Nintendo and Game Freak have up their sleeves in the future for this system is going to be truly revolutionary.