A fun filled free app and addictive collecting

User Rating: 7.5 | Pokemon Rittai Zukan BW 3DS
Poke'dex 3D is a great application from the brand new Nintendo 3ds e-shop. You can collect poke'mon by putting it in sleep mode and get connected to the internet and receive pokemon data. Other options like sending and receiving pokemon. You start with 18 pokemon and its you're job to collect all pokemon to finish the pokedex. It's a good and decent alternative to use you're time wisely. Free gamesapplication are not to special but this one has something that make's it worth the time used for updating you're 3ds. The good point's are having you scan markers and show augmented reality pokemon and you can take photos plus they will be added to you're sticker collection. Each pokemon are made fully into 3D and have moves that are not bad but very simple so not to much amazement for that. But this is a very decent app escpially great for pokemon fans so it's an easy recommendation if this game had you to pay it would become a pass so download it since it's free and a nice game.