Nintendo's first little eShop gadget could have aspired to be better. Cute program, but worth what it costs--zilch.

User Rating: 4 | Pokemon Rittai Zukan BW 3DS
I think what most, including myself, probably were looking for in Pokedex 3D was some kind of extension of the wiiware classic: Pokemon Ranch. In that respect, Pokedex 3D was a letdown. Really, all it is is a slightly more detailed Pokedex than on your Black and White game, useful perhaps for the player on the run, but giving no information that could not already be found on the internet. The only reason to get it, really, is if

1) you just want to see the cute little 3D sprites
2) you want to use the AR reader to take little pictures of your pokemon on your rug or kitchen table or whatever.

The limited specs of the pokemon viewing was what really bothered me. Using the slider pad you can rotate your view of the pokemon, but the app (and I don't like calling it that, but it's basically what it is) lacks a zoom feature. It also lacks any kind of "roam around" ability for the pokemon.

The only way nintendo's going to keep anyone interested with this one is through the fact that you have to keep using it every day to collect all the Unova pokemon. And since there's 156 of them, and you can get up to three new ones a day, that's approximately 50 days of playable life before one has absolutely no reason to to play it anymore.

I hate sounding the scathing critic, but Pokedex 3D is nothing to get excited about.