POD Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Codes

    Effect Effect
    holigan (during gameplay) All Cars Damaged
    metro (after opening intro) Alter Appearance of Cars
    label Car Names
    valay (on Options menu) Change Difficulty/Damage Level
    crash (during gameplay) Disable Collisions
    rocket (on Car Settings screen) Extra Points
    bonzai or raster (during race) Frame Rate (Shift + Ctrl + R), Build Code (Shift + Ctrl + S)
    night (during gameplay) Headlights
    mirror (during gameplay; reload game to activate) Mirror Mode
    garage (during gameplay) Restore Damage to your Car
    map (during gameplay) Show Map
    dural (on Settings screen, Single Player Mode) Unlock Awesome Car
    speedster (on Track Selection screen) Unlock Extra Tracks
    retro (during gameplay) View Cars from Behind

    Contributed by: Adadam, SSV