You will really have to love pool to death to justify getting this game!

User Rating: 3.4 | Pocket Pool PSP
First of all, if you're really expecting anything good from this game. well, it says a lot more about you than the crappy game itself.

if you aren't a pool shark, then this game is definitely not for you. Why? Is the game mechanics bad? well, no, Is the graphics horrible? no, is the load time long? Not at all.

then why am I not recommending it? Because it does NOTHING well.

It's a straight up pool game, much like the one you play online for free. no cut-scenes (although when they game tempt you sexually like that, you'd think they'd throw a cut-scene at you). other than that, there's NOTHING. well, a WiFi game, although trust me, you'd be the only person in the city to have this game.

Here's what you do, you paly against someone, you win, you win two half naked pictures of some ladies who are probably in their 30s.

the game looks good, plays ok (although I do wish they have some kind of hit mechanic like in Hot Shot, it would make the game a bit more challenging at least)

the music is just bad... although I like the fact you get to pick what song it plays before the game starts.

lacking any extra content just kills this game, not even a minigame. It doesn't even try very hard to seduce you. *sighs*