Plok Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Warp in the first level of the first world

    When you begin the level, head left and jump. Plok will land in the water, get launched out and will end up on an island. There will be a tree with a glowing fruit in it. Hit this fruit 3 times and you will be sent to a new level where you must race against a time limit. If you beat the level before the timer reaches 0, you will warp to the sixth level!

    Contributed by: TheUltimateM4 

  2. Warp from Cotton Island: Rickety Bridge to Cotton Island: Bobbins Bros

    In order to find a secret warp at Rickety Bridge, play the level as normal until you climb up to the end of the level. Do not head right towards the flag pole, instead, head left, dodging hazards and defeating enemies until you come across a tree with a fruit. It should be near a wall hazard that blocks you from going any further. Hit the fruit three times, and complete the race to warp to the Cotton Island boss fight against the two Bobbins Brothers, Milton and Marshall.

    Contributed by: PL00KyFan 

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