i don't understand other people's hatrid towards this game.

User Rating: 7 | PlayStation Move Heroes PS3
i sometimes think these hotshot reviewers are reviewing the DEMO for this game and not the FULL VERSION. for i played the demo and strongly disliked it but the other day i went down to the store and saw it for a quarter of its regular retail price and decided to jump in and buy it.

the good thing is the story is stupid but not absolutely terrible, so that was good enough, the move controls work very well ESPECIALLY when u get 2 control a gun cause the shooting sections alone are worth gettin this game. all the different modes are great, but melee combat felt a bit wierd and i like how the orb on the end of the move controller will change colour which is cool when playing in the dark. but probably the best thing about this game is the characters, Jak, Daxter, Ratchet, Clank, Sly, and Bentley, all of arguably best characters of the PS2 era (besides Kratos which would not have worked anyway) are here and i am such a big fan of all 3 series', the graphics are pretty good too.

but now here whats stopping this game from getting a higher score is repetitive quests, repetitive environments, very short length, melee combat, bowling and ring toss challenges couldvé been a little better.
there are a fair few quests and they are all broken up into:
ring toss
melee combat
whip combat
and shooting
if there were more modes and more environments instead of just
Metropolis from Ratchet and clank
Haven city from Jak and Daxter
& Paris from Sly Cooper
i do wish they had more environments.
two more things is that there are two main bad guys, and one of them i hated as soon as i saw him in the first cutscene and he announces all the events making it worse.
i was also glad Murray from Sly Cooper was seen only once cause he is kind of a **** (no offence to Murray fans)
alongside Killzone 3 this is a game your PS Move should Have.
a good 7/10.