It's a lot better than what many people think of it.

User Rating: 8 | PlayStation Move Heroes PS3
This game features three popular PS2 franchises converted into a PS3 game with them all in one game. Many people wanted it, but they didn't want a game with challenges. This is a 3D plat-former, but you can't jump and it isn't what people expected. This is developed by Nihilistic. They have their personalities done very well. Although this is a move-required game, it really feels like something special to me. I always wanted them to be in the same game. The challenges are fun and you get medals with each completion. You can also check online leader boards and see which position you're in. Whenever you play as Ratchet, Jak, or Sly you always have to fight enemies with melee weapons. The weapons are either their standard weapons in their franchise or a whip. Jak, however, doesn't have a standard weapon originally so he is given one and I have no clue what it's called. When you play as Clank, Daxter, or Bentley you either have to kill enemies with either a shot gun, the combuster, or a grenade type of weapon, or fly discs and try to free whibbles. Oh, by the way, I forgot that when you play as Ratchet, Jak, or Sly you are able to bowl. The main thing you do in this game is free whibbles in these challenges actually. You are able to go to Metropolis, Paris, Haven City and Gleebotopia. [I think that's what it's called] Before you start a challenge you must choose whom you want to play as. When you use the whip, Ratchet, Jak, and Sly all have different colors. Sly has blue, Ratchet has orange, and Jak has purple. Not to mention, as you defeat enemies your meter goes up and when it goes up all the way, you can do a special move. The bad things in this game are only the lack of replay value and the challenges. It's fun while it lasts though. You can play it again later after you earn all the trophies. This game also has co-op for 2 players. So overall it's a cool game.

The Good
•All three franchises are together
•The gameplay gets really fun
•The graphics are pretty good
•The personalities match their old ones well
•There are the same voice actors
•Whip attacks are fun

The Bad
•It is all challenges
•There is no mode for replaying it again