A fun knock-out fest of most of our favorite Sony characters!

User Rating: 8 | PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PS3
Well, I have to give it to Sony, while this multiplayer fight fest did not completely knock our socks off, it still has some impressive qualities that should be noted. I awaited the release of this game for awhile and now that it has arrived, these are my thoughts.
I will first start off with the characters. They managed to include Dante from Devil May Cry, Raiden from MGS series, Radec from Killzone, Cole from Infamous and many more including Fat Princess, Parappa The Rapper, Ratchet, Spike and more. Now they didn't fall completely flat in my opinion, however, I do feel like they could have added more characters to this game or recompensated for the ones they did add. For instance, instead of having both Cole and Evil Cole from Infamous series, why not add Leon from Resident Evil or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider series. There are fun characters to play with like Kratos from GOW and Big Daddy from Bioshock series, but it still feels like there shoulda been room for more.
Now with the environments to choose from. Each character included in the game has his or her own world to fight in. The battlefield from Resistance is here and Hades dungeon is here from God of War is here. The worlds are surprisingly complex and each have explosive dynamics that change the setting. But the most impressive factor here is that each world combines 2 different elements from 2 different games. For instance, on the Ape Escape battle arena, you start out fighting in the normal Ape Escape world with weird looking gadgets and weapons laying around. And then outta nowhere out pops the Chimera Giant Bug from Resistance shooting at you and your enemies. On God of War Hades Dungeon level, Hades is interrupted by the little singing things from Littlebigplanet. So this is a very interesting component that they added to the game. Its interesting to see what two worlds will combine.
Now, for the fighting. While there are combos that can be nicely strung together for some considerate damage, its harder to put together than it should be. Especially in some characters cases such as Nathan Drake who doesn't have a good move list as it is. And the special finishers are very flawed as well. Only with these finisher moves can one kill its opponents. And even with that, these moves half the time miss when they shouldn't and are very hard to pull off. You miss your opponent (for no apparent reason) more often that you hit them.
All In all, this is a highly addictive, fun, explosive fighting game that I recommend to anyone who enjoys fighting games or to anyone who is a Sony fan and wants to quench their thirst for old Playstation nostalgia. Its a good one for longtime Sony Playstation fans such as myself!