Need to add more options

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i think the option of only killing by supers would get boring after a while. SSB, for me and my friends anyways, has always been fun because of stock or a certain amount of lives then youre dead. if they add different options where you can set and make exactly what you want to play like SSB where you can have time, stock and other options. i know people hate comparing these two games, but i think SSB is the closest thing to this.

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i think they'll add a stock mode, but you'll still use your super to kill

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completley agree...although if they used the percentages and getting knocked out of the stage style of combat like in Smash then it might be a little bit TOO much copying, i guess? Even so, I do seem to enjoy that type of style a bit more...I guess because its fun to hone in on characters that you know has a low percentage to knock them out. In this, I just feel like I'm just beating the crap out of anyone close by wiithout any real strategy just to build my super to 3 and kill away..anyone else feel like that? Maybe i'm not playing the game right, i dont know..