Is CrossBuy Digital Download Locked to Disk Region?

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I'm from the US but currently in the Philippines on business.  Anticipating that I'll be here for awhile (till Feb. 2013) I brought my PS3 and my Vita along to keep me entertained.  I'm really excited for Playstation All-Stars and have been searching for a US version but only finding the Chinese+English version.  I'm really tempted to buy the Chinese+English version but I'm worried that the I won't be able to download the Vita version on my Vita (US PSN account) without having to create a new psn account for this region which would require a new memory card.  I understand that CrossBuy is a new feature but has anyone attempted to DL the digital copy in a region different from the physical copy it came with? Can anyone confirm that it would work?  or should I just import a US copy?

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I believe I can solve your problem. I believe that you can buy the US version of the game in a store called i-Tech located in SM North Edsa the Annex. It is located on the top most floor just across Datablitz. I hope this helps.