How to play Sir Dan effectively?

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I've been trying to rock Sir Dan for a while but I feel I can't grasp how he is meant to be played. I personally was a huge fan of Medieval as a kid and I'm trying to make him my character. The problem is, I feel so clunkly when I play him and I just can't seem to land any good combos or build AP quickly with him.

Anyone have any tips?

Additionally, does fighting without his shield provide any benefit whatsoever?

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I button mash with him. I can not stand him at all. Him and Toro are my least favorite players. The only time I used him is in Arcade Mode for  a trophy.

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I actually enjoy playing as can use the (square) attack combos with him. theyre pretty effective and also the hand crawling grenade move is great to hit oncoming enemies. The hammer move is very effective. with Sir Daniel it's all about timing really and picking out the right moves at the right time. He won't play like Kratos (who is wayyyy toooo fast to begin with). Kratos' speed and power makes him OP but you can work around that. Toro is a bad character.

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Whoa, Whoa, now hold the phone.

Though I do agree with most of the Sir Dan comments (Yes he may be a little bit underpowered but he is far from unplayable), I do not believe that Toro is a bad character at all--I actually main Toro. Normally I would go into detail as to how I play him and why I find him to be effective, but that would be totally off-topic. Then again, this topic on Sir Dan seems quite unpopular.


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Sir Dan was a pain in the ass to play on Arcade Mode. His specials are terrible and his moves are mediocre. I'm sure there are some who can use him effectively, but I personally found him to be by far the worst character. His Level 1 attack is atrocious, unless there's some way to shoot it horizontally, and in that case I feel stupid. And the Level 2 attack sucks for a Level 2 attack. Bleh, hate this guy.
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At first I didn't like Sir Daniel due to his speed and playstyle, but I've since won a bunch with him and quite like him now. I find he plays best in 4 player matches. First and foremost, always use his level two special as it destroys. I also love his fire breath attack that leaves fire burning on the ground. You can rack up a fair bit of AP with that power and it can force people that try and stay at the sides of the map (ie Radec) by perpetually jumping and dropping the fire down on them. Using his low attack sword that sweeps both sides of him is good when people are all around I've found too. I use his basic attacks up close and try for hit and run tactics mostly. Just try and play him strategic and not overly aggressive or defensive and he can rock.
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To answer your questions that you asked..


1. Yes, the shield does have an affect, it doubles the amount of AP you generate from attacks. I was wondering that myself and decided to try all of his different attacks with the shield and without. For instance, the bone/axe throw move that he throws in a horizontal line generates 10 AP without the shield equipped. With the shield, it generates 20 AP. 


2. Most people that I see that are good with Sir Dan use a combination of Fire Breath, axe/bone throw, and his charge move all with the shield equipped. He also seems to be a favorite of a few people that have mastered him online, and is incredibly difficult to play against when he is played right. He has a higher than average melee range.


3. (Off-topic) Toro is a great character, and one of the best of the "small" ones to choose from. His curtain moves are where he shines, you can change your playstyle mid-fight easily. I use Toro, Ratchet, and most recently Sweet Tooth the most.

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I meant I play Heihachi, not Ratchet. My brain is still on first few hours of gameplay.

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The most effective way to use Sir Dan in my opinion is to keep hitting them with his sword and when you get your special hit square three times, then square up, it will hit them in the air, then use up triangle to freeze them with your bow, and then spec, its a garuntee kill with his level 1 super
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when you have a level one ready, use one of his basic combos to throw enemies. into the air right in front of you. perfect time to fire up that level one, and you can get as much as three kills like that. I was spammed against me, so i am a witness to its effectiveness.