Honest Opinions On This Game?

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Obviously I'm pretty sure everyone keeps hearing about how Nintendo fanboys are whining and butthurt over this game, note that I have nothing against Nintendo I just dislike ignorant fanboys, I want to know what people honestly think of this game so far and what they expect.

Personally I do not believe this game will surpass SSB, that game has been out longer and has a large fanbase, BUT if the developers make smart decisions with the time they have left to make this game then it no doubt has the potential to be an AMAZING game. When it comes to characters there are several I'd like to see but as long as there is a large roster to choose from I will be content because if the roster is large enough then there will definitely be at least one character to please everyone.

Combat looks fun overall but just like everyone else I'm concerned about the whole system of only killing with supers. However in a video I watched they said that there will be a traditional mode where you simply fight to the deplete your opponent's health. If that's true and that mode is in there then I feel as though it'll be ok for the most part.

Finally I'm just going to adress the Nintendo fanboys, first of all SSB is a great game so if PSASBR is, as they say, a "copy/paste" clone of SSB then by that logic shouldn't it be a great game too? Secondly, why do they care? They act like this game being released is going to make SSB less fun for them, if they don't like it then just keep playing SSB and we'll keep playing this, everybody is happy!

But anyway, what are your opinions of the game based on what you've seen so far and what do you expect/predict of it when it finally releases? 

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The super system is slowly growing on me but I'm still not sold on it just yet. I think they need to start releasing more than just characters:game modes, story, and other quirks or what-not.

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I want to know what people honestly think of this game so far and what they expect.BrianMX34

I like what I see so far but do feel the roster is lacking. There is still more reveals to come to this will change. The stages what I've seen so far look very well done and I like the idea of Mixing two franchises in a stage. Also the stages been interactive seems great.

I don't care about SSB so won't compare the combet in this game to that and I can't really comment on it without playing myself. I'm just waiting for character reveals before I pre order. I don't think the game will be the best ever but I do think it'll be a nice first entry.

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Hopfuly the game will have at least 30 characters, but it's planned to have over 20 so it may be about 24 or 25 characters. and at least 20 or 22 stages and a great story mode and 2 on 2 tornument modes as long as they put the right characters and great stages in this could be game of the year for me
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I want to like it but can't help feeling that it looks like inferior PS version of SSB. I sure prefer Crash over Mario and Snake over Samus, but...

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I'm what you call an veteran gamer heck I still remember those ridiculous costumes for the orginal super smash brothers commercial in the 90's. My opinion is that this game has a lot of potential to succede where Nintendo did not with Super Smash brothers. The great thing about super smash brothers was how competative it was and the items. The bad things were lack of diversity basically there were 12 characters and a bunch of differen't skins. If you know how to play with Marth you could play with Roy because they have the exact same moves or same with Mario and Luigi. And actual working online play something Nintendo could not offer with their terrible online play.

I think this could easily be as good as Super Smash Brothers if they take their time, add enough characters, enough levels, and have solid online play. My biggest dislike of brawl was always not having enough people who could challenge me without having to go to a competetion.

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I have been keeping up off and on with this game. The only thing I "want" to complain about is the lack of having to knock people out of the ring. I think that is what made SSB shine, the idea that you have a fighting chance to get back in the ring and cause damage and see how long you can survive. I'm not hating on this game in no way, but I guess I feel a little empty when I am just beefing up my supers to a certain level and taking the rest of the three out. If I am wrong, someone please clarify for me....