Heihachi Machima rant

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I don't think it's fair that just about every character in this game has some sort of insanely good projectile but this guy. It's absolute BS. Oh wait, he does have a projectile. Those stupid as sin bowling pins that he throws when you press up+circle. I mean... seriously? You're lucky if you even manage to hit a dead pigeon with those stupid things. At least give him good dash attacks do make up for the lack of a good projectile. He's the only character that has to rely on hand-to-hand combat in close quarters. Dash attacks would only make sense.

Also, what's with the extremely weak level 1 super? It barely covers any sort of area when trying to perform it. You literally have to be locking lips with the next guy in order to hit them with the attack. I'm trying to do the level 1 mastery in the Trials mode on all-star difficulty. My god man... It's the most frustrating thing I have ever tried to do in a fighting game. I completed all the challenges with him on all-star difficulty BUT this one. I manage to get 7/9 kills - but one minute and thirty freakin seconds is just NOT ENOUGH to be able to pull this off with a level one. Especially when the enemies are hopping all over the place and dodging your every attempt to do it. The enemies seem to know exactly when you're about to do it, and effortlessly roll right out of your way when you do it. It's just stupid. The least the developers could have done for Heihachi was let you be able to perform that attack in the air as well, and you'd just drop down on whoever is below you.

I really wanna like this game. And I really wanna main Heihachi more often and master his move set. But these little things just make him unbearable to use. You should be able to link any one of your combos to a super attack effortlessly. You can't even do that in this game.
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Lolwut hes awesome Also he can combo into his lvl1 just fine
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How do you do it then?
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How do you do it then?MF_Doom11
its actually really simple, when you get close enough, do down square and it will knock them on their back and then you spec them