Game Keeps freezeing

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Hey idk if anyone has experince this problem but when I get into a game and it starts to show the arena ( For example Hades arena ) It stops after the name tag of the places goes away and it freezes on the middle of the map ( Like again Hades map u just see him moving around). Plus in the Ratchet and Clank map it happens but instead of just freezeing it shows the map going like if i was playing ( It goes basically see Quark seeing his statue and then he runs up to the ramp and yells WE ALL GONNA DIE! and the hyrdas). Has anyone gotten this problem like AT all!?! It keeps happening right when i get into game. I onlyed have so far played ONE GAME only and it was just me fighting everyone not moving at all ( I was thinking they maybe going thro what I was going so yea i felt bad trying out Radec on them). So can someone plz help I am thinkin its my Wifi box or the internet Idk.

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If you're on the vita, one thing that I noticed is my vita would go to sleep before I got to the game. So as I'm waiting for the system to find other players and start the game, I keep playing with the joysticks/pressing buttons. After doing that I've only had a few disconnects before a game started.