First impressions and serious bugs.

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Was playing online with a friend, one of the matches I picked Sly, but when I was in the match it gave me a completely different character. Another time in a 2v2 match I was killed twice, but did not respawn with my last life leaving my partner there alone. We could have won the match had that bug not happened.

So far Im not incredibly impressed with the game, especially if there is going to be bugs like this. Add to the fact that the roster seems pretty imbalanced with spam-heavy characters and this seems like an average Smash Bros rip off. 

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Interesting things you have come across. I can say that none of those things you stated have happened to me in the 20 hours I have played the game. Though, at times it seems to take far too long to find a match online, Ranked or Unranked doesn't seem to affect this.