Characters this Game Should Have

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#1 Posted by Geoffyd (25 posts) -
Vivi from Final Fantasy 9 Crash Bandicoot Obviously Ratchet & Clank
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#2 Posted by capsj (26 posts) -

nathan drake

the girl from heavenly sword

cole from infamous

solid snake and/or ninja raiden

and i guess something from killzone and resistance

oh and lets not forget sackboy and pixel junk people

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I will buy this game if they have: rye hayabusa (ninja gaiden)

Jak and Daxter

Dante (devil may cry)

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I want to see Cole from Infamous. Drake from uncharted

Dante form Devil may cry

Jak and Daaxter

Sora, Riku, Roxas, all the organization members from Kingdom hearts.

Cloud, Tidus, Vincent, Sephiroth, form final fantasy

devil jin-tekken

siegfried from soul calibur

Ruby heart from MVC

ANd I wanna see some Naruto chars and Bleach chars, and DBZ chars since they have all had PS exclusives in the past. but I doubt Ill see half of this

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#5 Posted by pokemonblackftw (425 posts) -

Obvious ones are rachet and clank, sackboy, jak and daxter, crash bandicoot, nathan drake and cole mcgrath. but some of the less obvious or ones not owned by sony i would love to see are:

Spyro the dragon (spyro)

Snake (MGS)

Raiden (MGS/MGR)

Galen Marick aka Starkiller (Star wars the force unleased)

Ezio (AC)

Pac Man (pac man)

Cloud (FF VII)

Sepheroth (FF VII)

Dart (the legend of the dragoon)

Sora (kingdom hearts)

Wander (shadow of the collolusus)

Lil and Laarg (escape plan)

Figure (journey)

Monster Hunter (MH)

Sonic the hedgehog (sonic)

Hollow (Demon souls/dark souls)

A heavy rain character

Dovahkiin (skyrim) lol why not? please let them bethesda

John marston (red dead reemption)

commander shepard (ME)


Boy from LIMBO

Isaac clarke (Dead space)

Ryu (street fighter)



Alcatraz or Prophit (crysis)

The Heavy (team fortress)

Lara Croft (tomb raider)

Big Daddy (bioshock)

War (darksiders)

Mega Man

Dante (devil may cry)

Albert Wesker (resident evil)

zeus (god of war)

the get a little crazy perhaps even unrealistic at the end but hey you never know right?

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#6 Posted by TAMKFan (33250 posts) -

Ratchet, Clank and Captain Quark from the Ratchet & Clank series and a few other Twisted Metal characters. 

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#7 Posted by benleslie5 (8620 posts) -
  • Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Kazuma (Yakuza)
  • Klonoa
  • Jaster (Rogue Galaxy)
  • U1 (Gitaroo Man)
  • Valatorez (Disgaea 4)
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#8 Posted by pokemonblackftw (425 posts) -

Meat Boy!

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#10 Posted by ThermalPisces (721 posts) -

Wander from shadow of the colossus.

Raiden from MGS4/MGRising 

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#11 Posted by mojoman10 (25 posts) -

i was thinking instead of pokemon you could have invizimals 

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#12 Posted by Joey2cool (1901 posts) -

Sir Dan
Demon's Souls Rep (I was thinking Maiden in Black)
Resident Evil Rep (maybe Leon or Chris)
ICO/SotC Reps

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#13 Posted by SoraBoy124 (25 posts) -
Noire, Vert, Blanc, and Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia should also be in this game.
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#14 Posted by TAMKFan (33250 posts) -

It would be nice to see Nariko from Heavenly Sword as well.

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#15 Posted by SSBR10 (25 posts) -
Cloud, Snake, Crash, Spyro, and Lara Croft. Of course, there's obvious Sony choices like Jak, Ratchet, and Nariko.
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#16 Posted by soccermania1 (25 posts) -
i think that the game should have shinobi ninja worrior
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#17 Posted by Meta2000 (25 posts) -
Selvaria - Valkyria Chronicles Cloud - FF7
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#18 Posted by kbaily (13042 posts) -


  • Kratos
  • Fat Princess
  • Sly Cooper
  • Colonel Raddick
  • Parappa the Rapper
  • Sweet Tooth

From the stages we saw it's safe to say we'll see...

  • Sackboy
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Jak and Daxter

And just recently we heard about...

  • Nathan Drake
  • Cole McGrath
  • Solid Snake
  • Kevin Butler (?)

So far a decent roster, while not as colorful as the Smash Bros., it has a lot going for it. Now since Sony has said they're delving into third party territory the next question comes as which ones. Well there a lot of third party characters people associate with the Playstation or used to be exclusive until Sony shot themselves in the foot and fell to third place but the big favorites seem to be.

  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Spyro
  • Lara Croft
  • Cloud Strife and other later FF characters
  • Sonic

Now of course I wonder if they're going to limit themselves to one character per series like the original SSB did or bring in villians or supporting cast. For instance what about Dr. Nefarious from Ratchet and Clank? Or will Clank and Daxter play separate from their heroes?

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#19 Posted by Cubbie4Cubs (25 posts) -
When I think of PlayStation I think of... Ratchet & Clank ( I would bet money that someone is in.) Jak and Daxter (Double down please) Gex? (PS1 days?) MLB the show player...jkjk... Mega Man (Again PS1 days) Final Fantasy (between 7,8,9,and 10 plenty to pick from.) Tomba (LOVED the 1st one on PS1!+ he would be awesome to play as.) ICO/SOTC ( A Link type of fighter orrrr that girl...) God Of War Infamous (Duh) Uncharted (2X Duh) Devil May Cry (I still think that Devil May Cry is a PS thing...) Ape Escape (never played it outside of MGS3 mini game...but who knows...) Mister Mosquito...(Jk I never really played the game, but always wanted to...) Legend of Dragoon ( Never beat it but I recall it being flashy and cool, kinda like FF7) Soul Reaver (Pure Awesomeness) Resident Evil (Gotta admit it was big for PS) Xenosaga (Personally I want someone from the series) Army Men (I miss that series with a passion RIP 3DO!) Crash Bandicoot (Crash Crash Crash...why must you always muck in my MUD!) Parasite Eve (personally I'm greedy and vote for it.) MediEvil (Never played the games but it was PS.) Oddworld!! ( Don't know how it would work but none the less...) Rayman (Perfect!) Spyro (Eh) Suikoden Series ( Yeah...right...) Tomb Raider Heavenly Sword girl LBP Killzone Resistant Heavy Rain Kingdom Hearts ...Catherine LMAO it would be pretty funny to play as Vince in his boxers. Jersey Devil...(Bored now.)
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#20 Posted by michael22446688 (31 posts) -

I believe this game should have without a doubt have:

Mao (Disgaea 3)

Valvatorez (Disgaea 4)

Laharl (Disgaea 1)

Gig (Soul Nomad)

They're all playstation exclusive and some of the most badass characters around

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#21 Posted by 9tailjeza (32 posts) -
Lightning! Does ezio count as third party? Yeah, i think so. Mebbe ragna the bloodedge from blazblue and some other actual fighting game characters.
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#22 Posted by 9tailjeza (32 posts) -
How about giving zack fair a shot at the spotlight, given that he hasn't had a shot at kingdom hearts and din't make it into dissidia
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#23 Posted by TAMKFan (33250 posts) -

I hope Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw will be in this.

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#24 Posted by kdhunt89 (25 posts) -
Ha, great shout
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#25 Posted by kdhunt89 (25 posts) -
I will be so disappointed if either crash bandicoot, snake or lara croft aren't in this game
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#26 Posted by pokekombat (461 posts) -

there should be a Lair dragon, Dollface from Twisted Metal, The onion head guy from Parappa, pretty much just crazy characters, also some more villians.

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#27 Posted by Noteldnep (20167 posts) -
Crash Bandicoot should absolutely be in this game. To me, he is to PlayStation what Sonic is to SEGA and Mario is to Nintendo (which is why I used a Crash Bandicoot avatar on PSN for so long in the past), but that may sound a little biased since playing Crash games is what got me interested in playing PlayStations in the first place. Other characters I'd like to see in are Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and Solid Snake from MGS.
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#28 Posted by yoda3001 (25 posts) -
Characters that will be great to see in the game Gex Croc Ty Tasmainian Tiger Spyro Crash Bandicoot Nariko Raiden/Old Snake Scorpion or Sub Zero or both Rico Rodriguez from Just Cause Dante from Devil May Cry Batman SackBoy Mars from Heavy Rain Elena Fisher Lara Croft
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#29 Posted by scoobdog02 (35 posts) -

Definitely Spyro and Crash. Probly Sackboy too.

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#30 Posted by PrpleTrtleBuBum (1457 posts) -

Dream roster:
Crash Bandicoot
Spyro The Dragon
Solid Snake
Jill Valentine
Lara Croft
Heihachi Mishima
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Parappa The Rapper
Rosqo Mcqueen
Sweet Tooth
Pyramid Head

Tommy Vercetti

Nathan Drake
Nathan Hale
Cole Mcgrath
Colonel Radec
Isaac Clarke
Big Daddy
Jane Shepard
Ezio Auditore

Additionally atleast Wipeout, Gran Turismo, Syphon Filter, Heavy Rain, Armored Core, Micro Machines, Motorstorm, Hot Shots series, Fear Effect, Team Buddies, Vib Ribbon, Rollcage, Buzz and Singstar should get something like a stage or item.

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#31 Posted by FEARoo1 (25 posts) -
Spyro , Crash , Luffy And Smoker ( One Piece ) , Wesker ( Resident Evil ) , Any Pokemons , Jin And Kazuya ( Tekken ) , Ryo And Ken ( Street Fighter ) .
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#32 Posted by Slinqy (457 posts) -

Kiryu Kazuma and Majima Goro. Two totally boss characters from the Yakuza series.

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#33 Posted by ZikenX (3679 posts) -

I doubt SE will even let them use a FF character for some reason.