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User Rating: 8.5 | Playboy: The Mansion PS2
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Name: Playboy: The Mansion

Platforms this game is available on: PS2/PC/XBox

Platform that this game is being reviewed on: PS2

Publisher: Arush Entertainment

Developer: Cyberlore Studios

Genre: Business Strategy

Difficulty: Just Right

Learning Curve: 30 Minutes

Number of Players: 1

Online Players: None

Online Modes: None

Offline Modes: Story Mode

Release Date: 1/25/2005

ESRB Rating: M

ESRB Description: Nudity/Strong Sexual Content/Use of Alcohol

Score: 8.5 out of 10

If your a fan of the magazine named Playboy which I'm sure there are afew of you out there some of you probably wonder. "Gee how would it feel like to run one of the greatest skin mags in the world." Well fear not my eager little go getter you can have your question answered in the amply named Playboy: The Mansion. This game is similar to the Sims you will take the Heff's shoes and you will have to build up friendships with nice looking women to get them to grace the cover of your fledgling (SP) magazine. You don't start off as the most popular magazine nope you will start from the ground up. As you get further into the game your house will expand and you will get more popularity with the famous people who will want to bare their soul (And flesh) on your magazine. This game gets a M because it does have some adult orientated (SP) content and suggestive stuff. It didn't get a AO because unlike "The guy game" this game is done tastefully. It gets a 8.5 out of 10 because it's fun and easy to learn I hope to see more sequels to this game in the future.