The sims meets second life - AND a chance to be Hef! What more could you want?

User Rating: 9 | Playboy: The Mansion PC
This is a somewhat older game (2005 release), i've had it for years sitting in a box gathering dust while I played other games. I can't believe I missed out for so long on such a fun title... This game is very similar to The Sims, but without as much complexity. You get to be Hef, at the start of the playboy empire.

It's an adult game, but sex in the game isn't really anything to get too excited about; the focus is on building the magazine...

you get to build and design the playboy mansion (upper and lower levels), plus the grotto (pool area) and the clubhouse (games areas). you can easily spend dozens of enjoyable hours customizing and tweaking layouts (i sure did).

As you introduce new magazines and hold successful parties, you gain fame. As fame increases, you unlock locations, more famous people to meet, more famous people to hire for your staff, as well as in-game objects.

The formula is moderately simplistic to gain fame, but it's entertaining in its own way. It's quite a bit of fun to play this while i wait for The Sims 3 to be released.