Play For All Schedule

Play For All is a GameSpot event that combines the exciting news, interviews, previews, and analysis of gaming's biggest summer announcements with a fundraising effort to help healthcare workers battling COVID-19. The world at large is engaging in social distancing, but for many, putting themselves at risk to help others is part of their daily life, so our goal is to bring together the community to celebrate video games while also raising money for an important cause. In addition to deep and thorough coverage of all the most exciting announcements of the summer, we're also hosting daily livestreams to raise money for charity. You'll be able to see familiar faces from across the industry joining the GameSpot team to play games, host quizzes, conduct panels, and create all kinds of other fun things for you to watch.

Schedule of Events

Play For All Launch! with Epic's Tim Sweeney and Kim Libreri
GS x Giant Bomb Charity Stream
Trivia Charity Stream
Alanah Pearce Charity Stream
Back Of The Box Trivia With MinnMax
HeyZeusHeresToast Bloodborne Speedrun Charity Stream
Fiendish Gaming Trivia With GameSpot
Troy Baker Charity Stream
Apex Legends VO Charity Stream
PS5 Games Reveal Pre-Show
PlayStation 5 And The Future Of Gaming
Danny O'Dwyer Charity Stream
The Guerrilla Collective
The Guerrilla Collective
The Guerrilla Collective
Charity Stream: COD Warzone With Modern Warfare's Alex (Chad Michael Collins)
Charity Stream: Last Podcast On The Left's Marcus Parks
F1 2020 Exclusive 4K Gameplay
Charity Stream: Briana White, Aerith From Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Charity Stream: Portal 2 With Jake Baldino
EA Play
Charity Stream: Deer Abbey With Fire Emblem's Joe Zieja
Summer Games Festival Developer Showcase Stream
Charity Stream: 90s & 2000s Movie Trivia With GameSpot Universe
Exclusive Skyblivion Demo With The Project Lead
Charity Stream: Remedy Games Roundtable
Contradiction: Spot The Liar! With The Last Podcast On The Left
Cyberpunk 2077 Event
Charity Stream: Red Dead Online With Arthur Morgan, Sadie Adler, and Dutch van der Linde
Charity Stream: Rocket League with Naomi Kyle
Charity Stream: Call Of Duty Warzone With Greg Miller, Andy Cortez, And Tim Gettys Of Kinda Funny
Charity Stream: What's Good Games
Charity Stream: Mary Kish
Outriders Live Stream
Charity Stream: Super Eyepatch Wolf
Charity Stream: People Make Games' Chris Bratt
Warframe: Stalker Mode. Rebecca vs. Players!
Charity Stream: Top 5 Skyrim Mods Of All Time With Seb And Cam
Movie Trivia With Jack Pattillo
WoW Shadowlands Summit
Charity Stream: Elyse and James Willems
Charity Stream: RKG
Play For All Wrap Up Stream
Devolver Digital Stream
Ubisoft Forward