This combination of 2D style and 3D fighting adds up to be less than the sum of its parts. Not Recommended.

User Rating: 5.5 | Star Gladiator 2: Nightmare of Blisten DC
As far as fighting games go, Plasma Sword is about as generic as they come. The overall visuals are inferior to most 3D fighting games on the Dreamcast. The backgrounds consist of some kind of environmental backdrop and the floor that goes off into the horizon, similar to early Tekken games. The characters themselves while having some cool designs are mostly imitations of sci-fi characters from other franchises and lack graphical detail in the game. There are about 20 characters but you could say that there are really only half that since characters share the same moves and animations with another character. I found this to be disappointing. The story is very hard to follow but to its credit each character has a unique ending however brief. I would like to be able to recommend this game to fighting fans but I'm afraid that this game just isn't up to snuff with others on the Dreamcast. Plasma Sword is a game that tries to combine the best of 2D fighting games (ridiculous power moves and unique art) with the best of 3D fighting games (Combos and good graphics). Unfortunately the sum of the parts is a bland and uninteresting fighter that has mediocre fighting mechanics. As an alternative to this game I would suggest other Capcom 2D fighters like Street fighters or Marvel vs. Capcom. As for 3D fighters, Tech Romancer and Soul Calibur are both excellent fighting games. All of these for mentioned titles are better Dreamcast games than this. Thank you for reading.