Iv played for 47 hours and im still addicted.

User Rating: 9 | Plants vs. Zombies PC
So, the aim of the game is simple, avoid getting your brains eaten by zombies! Such a simple idea that has given me hour after hour of fun. I must admit i never understood what all the hype was about with this game, i was gonna buy it a few times on the DS but at $20 i decided against it, i thought it would last me around 5 hours and it just wasn't worth it.

Well i eventually bought it from steam for a few dollars and it was the best value i have ever got from any game. Im not sure if the PC version is the best, iv heard that it never got any updates but im not sure, seems fine to me.

So basically you plant all different types of plants and these plants defend your home from zombies, you must pick a certain amount before the game starts and if you get the wrong combination then you will struggle with the level. There are many unlockable plants or plant upgrades to help you as you get further in the game but you do need to pay for them so make sure you save all your coins.

You can also grow your own plants in the zen garden, these plants can be watered everyday and will give you quite a few coins. One thing i hate about the zen garden is the prices for the spray to keep your plants healthy, its way overpriced. Apart from that tiny problem this game ROCKS! This game has everything you could want in a cheap strategy game and its worth every penny. Im on my third play through and trying to buy everything that i missed the last time round. If you havent played this game but have thought about buying it, i say go for it.