Plants rule, Zombies drool!

User Rating: 8 | Plants vs. Zombies X360
Well, its kind of stupid, really. But this iPhone app. turned xbox 360 game is fun. The game is fun to play, although there is no story line or real point to it. I like the variety of zombies and plants, and can help but continue to go further in the game to see what other wacky zombies or neighbors I'll encounter. It really isn't a "great" game when compared to other games for the system, but for what it is, its awesome! There are also a few other games that come with it, they are the same type of app. style games. While these games are easy to play and fun, they lack the total gaming experience that most games on the system have to offer. My wife enjoys these games, and so having this title has opened up gaming to all members of my household, which is great! My kids are still too young to play this title, and focus more on the Sesame Street game on knect. I really can not beileve that the publisher couldn't put more pop-cap games on the disk.