I AM FOREVER in love

User Rating: 10 | Plants vs. Zombies PC
this is one of the top15 BEST GAMES I HAVE EVER PLAYED

and belive me, i played almost everything there is
from super mario to dead space from bejeweld to crysis 2
from monkey island & heroes III to mass effect 3 & Dreamfall


plants vs. zombies is a true gaming masterpiece with a premise WORTH fighting for: the zombies are attacking your house and want to EAT the brain out of your HEAD

If this is not worth fighting for i don't know what is
It sucks you in
It makes you dance in it's universe
It's the PERFECT game

I am in love with everything in this game: the plants, the zombies (they are misunderstood), the amazing puzzles, the Zen Garden you can create and which gives you the $$

This game is perfect and i have great taste in games

the only flaw is: there is not a Plants vs Zombies 2
it's perfect!!