Zombies eating plants? Now there's somthing you don't see everyday

User Rating: 9 | Plants vs. Zombies PC
Over the years we've had Survial Horror games where you have to survie Zombie outbreaks such as the Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead. Plants vs Zombies is a very different game unlike past games which were action or shooter games, Plants vs Zombies is a Tower Defense game where you can summon I mean plant flowers and vegtables into the ground.

There isn't much of a story plot to the game, you are mainly trying to survive a wave full of zombies as they try and break into your garden, try to enter your house and eat your brain. If you don't want to be eaten you must use the plants you have to survive.

Gameplay: As you start each level you'll have at least 5-6 slots to begin which is where you have to choose carefully because you need certain plants to defeat certain types of Zombies. Sunflowers are handy to begin which can give you sunlight, which is the main key element which can be used as seed pack slots which can use if you have the sun points. Sunflower seeds are 50 points and Green peashooter plants are the main weapon which you'll be using to fire peas at zombies, it'll only take 100 points to use one. Or some red cherry bomb seeds can cost 150 points but can make a huge explosion to a wave of zombie coming towards you.

Not all Zombies look the same like on other games and movies, some zombies will be different and will try other methods to get through such as a Zombie-American Footballer runs pretty fast but if you have some plants to slow it down and a patato infront you should be able to stop it. Or a zombie carrying a newspaper it might be a slow zombie but once you destory its newspaper it'll try and move faster. But if any zombies get towards the house you'll be saved by lawn mowers, however once there gone you'll need to keep your desense up if you don't its game over.

Certain levels you'll only have to survive 1-3 zombie waves through each of the levels you go through, at the end of each level you'll earn a seed-planet which you can use.

Graphics and Sound: With it being a flash-game you could tell that this ganme could be easily played on the internet or on Newgrounds which is a well-known site for Flash animation. Plants vs Zombies has been around for quite a while now and seems to be quite popluar along the lines with Angry Birds which is where most people would regonise the brand.

Its graphics and art do look pretty good to look at as you see your plants being planted and trying to fend of waves of zombies, it can also be funny watching various types of zombies trying to get through.

If your a horror fan or zombie lover you won't be able to see any blood or gore in this game as you can see its one of those games that anyone can play at any age. The visuals and music can be charming as well making this game more fun to play, but there isn't much voicing only zombie sounds and lots of gibberish from a crazy neighbour.

Overall: I actully found Plants vs Zombies an addiciting game for a Tower Defesne, you can buy and download this game on almost any console, handheld or even mobile phones. If you want to take a break from the main campaign there's lots of mini-games and puzzles which will keep you busy for quite a while. I bought this off Steam and would recommend it if your a PC owner or have a good laptop.

As I already mentioned its worth purchasing at a good value price either downloaded or bought on PC disc, you do wonder in the future if they'll be other good games like this but we'll never know.