How can I say anything negative about a game I have owned 8 times! This is by far the best tower defense game ever made.

User Rating: 10 | Plants vs. Zombies VITA
When I first heard about this game, my reaction was, "meh, it's just another cheaply made game for the PC" But in all actuality it's a masterpiece. The game itself is very addictive, and fun for all ages. Moreover, the difficulty is just right; not too hard, not too easy. There are also plenty of unlockables/in game trophies to keep you coming back for more. You could easily play this game for over 100 hours trying to complete the main story/mini games/puzzles/survival/shop items. I know its almost impossible to find a perfect game, but this game comes very close, especially for the replay factor. Please do yourself a favor and put down the angry birds and play a real game that gives you so much more to do.

Gameplay - 10
Graphics - 10
Sound - 10
"Fresh" Factor - 10