Highly and addictive and extremely fun. Very cute game that would like to play to make you smile after a tiring day.

User Rating: 10 | Plants vs. Zombies PC
This game is just a small game but is large with conent. There are 5 levels and tons of plants to use and zombies to kill. It gets intense when a lot of zombies attack but with good strategy you'll survive.

Graphics: Cute and colorful.

Sound: As cute as the graphics.

Gameplay: Tower defense is always addicting but various plants to use with different effects combined with various zombies with various skills make this game more fun than most tower games.

Story: Simple yet cute. The zombies even give you letters haha.

Replay value: After the game there's a lot to do. Repeat the game with your collected plants, puzzles, survival mode, and zen garden. It's more compeling to collect money to buy new plants and other things on the store.

This game should be on your computer/laptop. You can play it anytime you want. Very cute game especially the mtv at the end. You should watch it haha.