Definitelly revolutionary, 20 megabytes of fun, they did it with almost nothing. Worth playing...

User Rating: 9 | Plants vs. Zombies PC
A game developer can be ambitious, but without talent, that does nothing. Plants vs. Zombies is a great example of the opposite, lots of ambition, channeled with a lot of talent, that results in the best simple game of this decade.

It feels almost like a common flash game, a boring waste of time, but that's about 1 minute off, after that you are immersed in a game that doesn't leave you, that actually "grows on you" like the plants that defend your yard from evil, evil zombies.

Actually was to be named: "Lawn of the Dead", but a copyright issue forced the developers, "PopCap" to change the name. It's simply fun, zombies, a lawn, and lots of extras. Fun everywhere, with the late Michael Jackson dancing with other "Thriller" zombies, it's incredibly LOL!.

I'll let you to my final scores, but you just have to play this game:

Graphics: 8 (Great) // Logic: Even in 2D with a 20 megabyte engine powering it, the graphics are great.

Gameplay: 9 (Perfect) // Logic: Even when it's kinda easy in the first levels, you can have so much fun playing it, and the laughs never end.

Story: U (Unmarked) // Logic: No need for a story in a zombie game, George Romero took it in his hands, his dark hands. (As I said in my Left 4 Dead review).

Feeling: 9 (Great) // Logic: You gotta buy this game, feels so good.

Overall: 9 (Great) // Logic: Game modes, Sounds, simply beautiful.