Zombies ate my Neighbors

User Rating: 8.5 | Plants vs. Zombies DS
Zombies have became a rapid phenomon that to this day haven't slowed down yet. It's hard to say why I really like the zombie subgenre, may'be the idea of being surrounded and outnumbered by evil is scarry, or even the simple ability to overcome evil since zombies are silghtly simple to kill. This is a bizzare but fun edition to the underpracticed stratagy subgenere.

It's a tower defense game which is fine by me, tower defense is my favorate kind of battle in stratagy games. I like how in this game it's been set to our current decade, instead of medevil times. Instead of a castle your defending your house from the invading horde of zombies. I like the graphical presentation of many the zombie characters whom are all silly and unique each with strengths, weaknesses and specialties. You will fight them by land, sea and air so they will keep you plenty occupited on offense and defense and your brain mussles an exercise.

I love that you use non cleche weapons against the zombies, who'd of thought plants could be the best zombie killing tools. I like that the principles of agriculture are utilized which make this also a bit of a farming sim. The elements were familar with in a stratagy game are something else altogether making it strange, funny, but almost kinda cool. Sunlight collected is your money to buy plants, infantry officers are pea shooters, tanks are man eating Venus Fly Traps, potatoes are baracades, tamales are incenary bombs, and a lot of other things you just have to see and utilize to believe.The solo campagn is fun but it's also fun playing against other people being either on the plant or zombie side.

There really isn't much else for me to say other than overall it's a solid stratagy game that like a finely grown plant blosoms beautifully. For any rookies to the stratagy subgenere or just like zombies then this is the game for you. And remember to always water your plants.