Its A Blast, Just Pure Fun!

User Rating: 7 | Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare XONE

Iv played Plants Vs Zombies for many years now on the App game and it was a blast. Its pure fun and im enjoyinf it so far after 12 hours of playing (Accurate at the time of this review)
But what makes this game different from the other PVZ games is this is like Online shooter game like Call Of Duty and Battlefield but it has its own little twist and funs.

Like other Online shooters you lose your head and get angry for dying, but when your hunted down and killed by a smily happy sunflower its hard to lose your cool. Just respawn and take your revenge.
It has a class based system. The plants has a Champer, A plant that can eat other zombies and gobble them up. Weak at distance but when its up close its night night zombies for you. Then you have the sunflower, Its like a medic that can heal and quickly revive allies back to life. The zombies has a souilder, It uses a machine gun and an RPG...sorry, ZRP, and mechanic, It can make portals and little robotic turret.
What makes this game stand out from other shooters is the Leveling system. Its good and bad at the same time.
You don't level up by killing plants or zombies, instead you level up by gaining stars, these stars are earned by completing challengers. These involve killing a certain amount of foes with a certain weapon or playing as a class for a certain amount of time. These can be fun but some are hard to complete. Luckly they can be bypassed by using Challenge pass stickers. Once a certain amount of Stars are collocted the Class is levelled up and so is your main player level.

Every kill, Game won or completed, every zombie summoned or plant planted you gain PVZ Coins, with these you can buy packs of stickers from the shop which gives your...well.. stickers, These stickers incluse cards that can be used to plant plants or summon zombies, Skip challenges, Revive cards and Items that can be used to customize these class, Like have a zombie wear sushi goggles or a plant that can wear a nurses hat.
Then theres special Class Stickers that when you get a certain amount of stickers for a certain class you will unlock a new Character for that class, I have unlocked the Hot Rod Chomper that is all metal and rums like an hot rod car and a peashooter that can fire out ice peas from its icey head.

There are 3 different game modes, Vanquished, Which is your typical TDM game, First team to reach 50 kills wins, In return, If your reivive a comrade you take 1 point away from the enemy. Then theres my personal favourite, Gardens and Graveyard, Which, if you played Battlefield, is alittle like Rush mode. Zombies are the attckers and and plants are the defenders. The zombies must attack the plants bases and move up across a huge map to the end battle, Were each map has its own unique ending to win.

all in all, It has its flaws, But its not trying to compete for the best shooter. its its own game in all and its here to give us pure fun all in colourful maps and funny gameplay.