Things PvZGW Needs (360 Version)

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Let me start out by saying, I am loving this game, its great fun and fresh to see green on my screen for a change.

However, there are a LOT of things this game could benefit from having. Now I haven't played the XBONE version so if that version includes these features then by all means point them out, but other than split screen co-op I dont think they differ much.

1. Parties, why is this feature missing? My friends have to join each game through the xbox home party menu, if the game had a built in friends list, it'd be much easier to jump into each others games, and know what they were up to

2. Coins for damage, i'm not going to start complaining about poor coin rates or the inevitable in-game purchases PvZ will have, but I think they should dish them out a little more, for example, every 50 points of damage you deal

3. King of the Hill mode, the mechanics must be in the game, for capturing anyway, so why not a base type game mode

4. CTF, although it could be awfully unbalanced with Pea Shooters sprint, still could be a fun game mode

5. Grenades you can detonate (Chilli Bean/Sticky) I hate the delay of a Chilli bean when you launch it into an oncoming group and it just bounces past them, it should either explode on contact, or when you press LB again, stickies should have a larger range too, Potato mines always seem to get kills, rarely stickies

6. Sell unwanted stickers, upgrades for classes you dont use? Potted Plants that dont match your playstyle? Sell them back for coins?

7. Add seconds to the recharges on abilities, i.e. 20 seconds left, ticking down, just to help micromanage

Any thoughts? Cy

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Other things i've noticed, buff Sticky Bomb damage or nerf Chilli Bomb, a Chilli can pretty much wipe out everything but an All-Star on the objectives in Gardens and Graveyards, yet a Sticky thrown in to thin the herd does nothing

- Reduce the HP of Spikeweeds and Potato Mines, three shots with a Goop Blaster is ridiculous

- Add a map where plants attack and zombies defend in G&G mode

- buff the range of the healing station so that it matches the animation (you can stand in it's spray and not be healed, it's weird and shouldn't happen

- Remove the delay between spawning and using abilities, it's pointless and broken without telling you when you can use them again (for example, I respawned after capturing a point in G&G, into a swarm of plants, a chomper digs towards me, and despite spamming Y to teleport away, I couldn't and he ate me, quite embarrassing)

- Nerf Engineers Jackhammer, give it a shorter limitation like the Chompers Burrow or make them fall off after hitting too many plants, i've watched one completely clean out a defended garden alone using the Jackhammer as a weapon and avoiding all damage due to his speed (I was on Zombies side and thought it was overpowered)

- Tinker with the Sunflower's Heal Beam so that it targets in Triage (Lowest Health > Damaged > Players > Potted Plants for example)

- Make friendly players able to pass through each other, we had an All-Star effectively troll his entire team by standing perfectly in place for a route in G&G which blocked every Zombie trying to pass him apart from Rocket Jumpers

-Grey out or Red out abilities you can't use in that area, for example dropping Scientist Heal Stations on uneven floors or close to walls,

- The two new Sticker Packs are great for narrowing down unlocks, but can we get a 1000 or 5000 Plant/Zombie exclusive consumable pack too?

- Give us the Character Customization screen between games, sitting in that lobby gets pretty boring when all you are doing is saving up for packs

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- Add a map where plants attack and zombies defend in G&G mode

And next to that a mode where the meter goes both ways, causing to have better organization in your team with of course the same re spawn distance for both teams.