Split Screen on 360 NOW!

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Seriously guys. You can't tell me the hardware can't pull it off? It can. I have three kids. Split screen is a big part of making everybody happy because everyone plays at the same time and together. You should offer up 4 player split screen against bots or other players. I love the game and so do my kids, but I'm not getting three more flat screens and 3 more 360s with Live to pull this off.

Please think of the players.


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+1 to that would love split screen!

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Well, maybe the game will get an update because we occasionally get glitches where the screen is glitched into a split screen.

The reason why i think this is because the screen is clearly divided into two parts with two different view ports. One at the left and one at the right and both providing two different camera angles. And even when it glitched and the world geometry is completely scrambled the game responds as fast as without split screen. So i think visual wise it can clearly handle two viewports.

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I agree I purchased the game as it looked awesome and is awesome but it let down by only allowing Xbox One holders to have SC and I was looking forward to playing it with friends and my brother.