A few complaints

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Don't get my wrong, this is currently my favorite game and I decided against downloading Titanfall because I enjoy it so much compared to "realistic" Military shooters (I am a disabled veteran and get triggered from them)

But here is a few things I would change about the game.

First and foremost! Fix the god damned chat system already. It seems like the only time I am ever actually able to hear another player, is when it is either an extremely young child playing and making ridiculous noises of all variety, or when someone with the kinect microphone on should clearly put down the controller and attend to their wailing infant.

I'd like to be able to talk to some normal people for once, and relay enemy locations and such. Along with that goes an actual party system. Obviously.

These next few complaints are very minor.

I really think that people should not be allowed to jump teams. Every time I play gardens and graveyards the Zombies always end up with 3 extra players, and I have literally sat in rooms and watched people never play on the Plants team. Quit ruining the game for everyone else and just learn to play a plant character and stick with it.

Team balancing in G&G. I find it ridiculous that people don't pick their class based on what other people are playing. The different classes are there for a reason. Use them.. I think making it so that only 4 of each class should be allowed at any one time. Once again I have been in so many games where everyone is playing the peashooter or the foot solider. Not one healer. Not one engineer. Not one sunflower. I feel like this takes a lot away from the game.


I actually love the way upgrade work with the stickers and booster pack but I have a few questions about it.

Except for some random packs here and there, I have primarily been saving for the character packs to add more variety and enjoyment to my games, but I am curious that if I already have a couple stickers for a character will that keep me from unlocking it with the character pack?

Also, I like that it is random, but I also think it should cycle between each class/side so that you don't end up getting three chomper characters in a row when you have really been hoping for the Camo Ranger or Future Cactus.

The same goes for weapon upgrades and customization items. It would be great if you only received items for character variants that you have completely unlocked.