User Rating: 10 | PlanetSide PC
Planetside, a much needed twist in the MMO game community. PlanetSide delivers a fun and unique gaming experience. I know of very few games that have tried to make a MMOFPS. However, each game was weak in one aspect or another. PlanetSide shines in every attribute. Everything about PlanetSide runs smoothly, from server logins and updates, to taking over a base in a tropical jungle. I am very impressed with the user-friendly interface. It is very easy for a new player to learn PlanetSide, which makes it an excellent game for MMO new comers. PlanetSide lets you try stuff out in a VR simulation before spending certification points on them. Ever wanted to feel like your making a difference in the world? I know I got tired of playing team based games of 64 players. For a while I thought it was great, taking over a base in Tribes 2 and winning the game. I couldn't help wonder, what if the game didn't change or restart the map. PlanetSide is an on going world of hundreds of bases and towers scattered over 10 unique continents. Believe me, it is the greatest feeling when you take over a base after a large battle. You changed the map of the world for thousands of people. Another key aspect about PlanetSide is Battle Points and Leadership Points, better known as experience points. You gain BP from fighting and taking over bases. After collecting 10 BP you gain a level and a Certification Point. With CPs you can learn new abilities, like piloting and using new weapons. Leadership Points are gained by being a squad leader. Gaining levels with Leadership Points gives you abilities like placing Waypoint's on your squad's map. Leadership points make you a great squad leader. PlanetSide is a great game to play with friends. Friends you know in real life or friends you meet in game. PlanetSide has an awesome in game "clan" like system. Clans in PlanetSide are called Outfits. There is a giant ranking system, which allows you view your Outfit's rank with other Outfits. Outfit leader's can post announcements in their outfit info page. Outfit info pages show other various information about your group, such as a member list. The Outfit leader can assign rankings to its members. PlanetSide is WELL worth the monthly fee. If you have ever been skeptical about paying monthly for a game (I know I have) no need to worry, PlanetSide is worth every penny. I know your money will go to great use into future development of PlanetSide. I hope this review was helpful. SEE YOU IN PLANETSIDE! Want more info!?