A fun FPS with a MMO Twist

User Rating: 8 | PlanetSide 2 PC
Planetside 2 is a very interesting FPS experience. I liked the MMO elements introduced that allow both squads and hundreds of players on the screen at once. The open aspect of the environment, the use of vehicles and the leveling up components just add to a all around fun experience. The combat is solid and the variety of weapons, outfits, classes, and vehicles were surprisingly fun.

The downside: A tutorial would be a benefit for many new players. You can often feel like you die too quickly (Common FPS problem). Rewards for holding bases have a tendency to feel nonexistent. There is a prevailing sense that armored combat just rolls from base to base like a zerg. Can lack a feeling of purpose if you are not part of a friendly guild or squad (could benefit from a quest/objective system of some kind). Achievements lack any notable impact.

Planetside 2 has does some things right and others lack follow-through. As a Multiplayer FPS, it is currently the best I have played (beating the CoD series in my opinion) It is worth mentioning that Planetside 2 is the first free-to-play game that actually enticed me to spend money.