close but...(updated 1/2/13)

User Rating: 9.5 | PlanetSide 2 PC
-12 man squads easy to join@ one button press
- great in game voice chat
- great communication tools.
- battlefield 3 class system
- 3 huge maps with territory to gain control over (monopoly style) if you capture them.
-graphics can be great at times outside of the buildings.
- tons of customization on guns (battlefield 3 style).
- HUGE epic battles involving air, ground , and infantry.
-Great squad leader abilities but could be better...(battlefield 2 style).
- 3 cool factions to choose from. (MAG style).

-Sound effects on gun don't sound powerful (just my opinion...)
- map can be VERY confusing and cluttered with icons.
- to many icons on minimap and no ability to ZOOM in...only ability to make the map bigger (which doesnt help)..but still lacks a zoom in button.
- TOO MUCH WALKING. constantly walking and searching for the battle despite the "instant deploy" for action....
- TOO MUCH WAITING... seems like most of the game is spent waiting for computer terminals to capture or looking for a ride....
-LACK of purpose. SUCH a big map. but there is no goal...even when the entire land is taken...its...just...a battle that wages on...
-NO WAY to win.

This game lacks a sense of purpose. Download it for yourself and ask the one question that nobody seems to be able to answer... "HOW do you WIN?" ...and its always....YOU DONT.. you just fight for no reason...smh...


ALL i can say after giving this game another go around after uninstalling that...its amazing. When you first come have to accept that you are a NOOB....whether you like it or not... but once you learn how the flow of the game works and where the battles will find.. one of the best shooters ever made.