SOE comes out swinging, this game IS the new MMO standard. Can't wait to see the amazing forgelight engine on EQnext

User Rating: 9 | PlanetSide 2 PC
Having played this title since tech test I've had the opportunity to see it evolve, and the insight to see where it could go. Constant updates from the Devs keep the community involved and informed. The shift to player made content, and the addition of more game space (continents and oceans) is on the horizon and will be what really sets this game apart from the stale FPS box we've been in for the last few years.

On the flipside, it's VERY hardware dependant, which is a good thing as it allows the game engine to be viable far into the future. Unfortunately, if your PC isn't up to snuff or if it's not optimized, you're going to have issues for that reason. I have a strong mid range PC: Intil I-5 3.5ghz, GeForce GTX650ti 2gb, 16gb ram and it runs great. However, there are those with systems as good if nto better than mine that have problems running it. Most times it's client side.

It's got a host of bugs, which all MMO's have and it's got some more development that needs to take place with the meta game, though anyone that's followed the devs will know that the long term plan is for player derived content.

This title will truly evolve as an emergent play game, setting the ground work for future SOE titles such as EQnext. I'm looking forward to playing this game over the next few years and partaking in it's evolution.

To close, I'm a PS1 vet from beta up to about a year after Core Combat released. This game is NOT PS1. However, having said that I've had more PS1 "moments" with PS2 than any other game I've played. Kudos to the Devs for making a game different enough from the original to be called... orginal, you keeps with the message, atmosphere and feel of the original.